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Become a top-notch
freelance graphic designer


The reputation and portfolio of a top-notch freelance graphic designer play a crucial role in their ability to secure high-paying projects. But is it enough to make at least $40 per hour? Definitely not.

Imagine if you have all the necessary hard skills, you understand graphic design principles, and everything works for you until the moment when you need to land jobs. It sounds easy when we're talking about $50 or $100 gigs, right? But what about $500 for a series of logos or $2800 for monthly projects? Not as easy as it seems to be.


Or you're an experienced graphic designer who makes a decent amount of money, but you want to spend more time with your family, and become more independent - is freelancing the solution for you? Definitely, it is!

Even if you're a student who loves to draw, you can always create an additional source of income by creating logos and make an extra $400-$500 per month as a side hustle - freelancing could become your best friend!

Who is this course for?

We will talk about overcoming creative block for graphic designers, how much you can charge for your freelance services, how to market your graphic design services, how to find clients who pay $10,000+ for projects, and much more. So, who is this course for?

  • For beginner & experienced graphic designers.
  • For those who have never tried freelancing.
  • For everyone who has already tried freelancing and wants to build a freelance graphic design business.
  • For everyone who wants to try freelancing as a side hustle and create an additional source of income.
  • For everyone who wants to become a full-time freelancer.
  • For everyone who wants to work remotely or work from home but doesn't know how to start.

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